//Surgical Light MEDICATECK 300 F
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Surgical Light MEDICATECK 300 F

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MEDICATECK Surgical Lamps

Surgical lamps with LED technology

Our surgical lamps with the latest LED technology combine best light for medical procedures and examinations with the best efficiency.

MEDICATECK surgical lights offer:

  • Shadow-free illumination of the field of work
  • Bright, high-contrast light for the best conditions for an examination / surgery
  • Easy to use – User-friendly operation of the surgical light
  • Supports the effect of laminar flow ceilings
  • Low maintenance, minimal power consumption and low heat generation
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Product Description

The surgical lights MEDICATECK 300 F is our low-cost alternative to the mobile operating light MEDICATECK 300 M.
With a new tripod and chassis but without emergency power supply, the MEDICATECK 300 F mobile presents itself more compact compact and with increased maneuverability than the model 300 M.

With its luminous intensity of 100,000 lux and a working field of 150 mm the mobile surgical lamp 300 F ensures a virtually shadow-free illumination of the surgical field.

The light from 28 LED’s allow sunlight close range of 4,500 K and the good color rendering index-contrast, detailed view of the wound without heating the surgical field with infrared or ultraviolet light.

The comfort of easy and safe moving and adjusting body, in conjunction with the full rotation around the vertical axes guarantee a safe and easy handling of the surgical light MEDICATECK 300 F.

Specifications MEDICATECK 300 F


Maximum illumination of the surgical field 100.000 lx
Color temperature of 4.500 K
Color rendering index 95 Ra
Power consumption 24 VA
Life of the light source 50.000 h